Are Chilean girls easy going to foreigners

As I said before in many of my previous articles on this website Chile is highly developed economy of the world and the rules in Chile are closer comparatively to Western Europe than to Latin countries of South America. Chilean women were fighting for their rights in the seventies and now the society in Chile is more feministic that in other countries of the region and obligations between man and woman are divided in equal parts. According to that information it is hard to say average Chilean girl raised in such society values would be easy going “jumping” on the foreigner from any other same developed as Chile country.

Let’s see at the situation from another angle. Chile is open to the world and vise verse. Chilean people do not need visa to most countries of the world including the USA. The average month income in Chile is about $800 and many people of Chile could afford to fly over the world which means Chilean women have seen many foreigners and it is not something unique to them. The same way foreign investors, workers, exchange students, tourists and others are visiting Chile and get acquainted in Chile with local girls. What conclusion we can make so far? Chilean women are interested in personal qualities of the man and don’t really care of his nationality. Chile is not poor country and women here are not waiting for foreign prince from rich West who will come and save from poverty. This rule does not work in Chile in general, women here are pickier than in other countries of South America and therefore you will have hard times if you are sex tourist and visiting Chile with well known aim. Read also: Family traditions in typical Chilean family

Are Chilean girls easy going to foreigners

To pick up girl in Chile is harder than in bordering countries, except for Argentina as well. Your mission has a high danger to be incomplete and since you are looking on the Internet are Chilean women easy going about foreigners or not I would rather say no in order not to disappoint you after your arrival to Chile. If you visit this country and then say I’m wrong I would take your opinion into consideration, because there are different regions, different type of girls and different places to visit everywhere. Here I’m telling you general well known information and it could be either accepted by you or not, as you wish. Read also: Beautiful women whom you can easily get married to in Chile

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