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Chilean women – dating, ways to get acquainted, places to find them

Chile is highly developed economy in South America and probably according to this fact it does not attract Westerners in search for potential wives as much as other Latin American countries. Western men are looking for wives in the countries where they can stand out in a good light. Although Chile is not the country where you will find women delighted by the fact that in front of them they see American guy.

When you walk Chilean big city streets, for example, Santiago, you will surely notice many nice women, dressed up very conservatively, but in miniskirts. How do you think, what these women are doing? Come on, warm up your imagination… well… Yes! They are selling coffee. Such Chilean coffee network is called “Cafe Con Piernas” and with such morning coffee positive charge for the rest of the day is guaranteed. 

Best places for finding possible girlfriend

The best places during the day are public places like parks, ancient sights, malls. In night clubs some women for sure would have desire to meet new guy. Foreigners get an advantage, because you may seem more cute to local women.

When foreigner speaks Spanish with accent he becomes more attractive. Speak Spanish even if it’s level asks for better. If you don’t understand what Chilean woman is telling you, ask her once more, because Spanish has different accents in different Latin American countries and also there are many slang words people are using depending on the country and region.

If you asked Chilean woman for a date… Where to go?

If you are in Santiago at first choose walk in the park (there many parks in Santiago), have some ice-cream, spend time talking and getting to know more about each other. Good place to visit on the first date in Chile is Cerro San Cristóbal. It is a huge hill on the top of which one finds Virgin Mary statue. Magnificent view on the top is very romantic. It may be good place for the first kiss.

Interest to such places partially shows man’s interest in Chilean culture. After the walk, when you both are tired it is good idea to visit cozy café and have a cold drink. Nice chat and relaxation will help you both to feel more open to each other.

Chile is good country to find girlfriend

Since country is economically developed you may come here as foreign specialist and get good job, start (continue) developing your career. In case of permanent or long-time stay you will have more chances to get acquainted with local women.

If you are for short term stay in Chile, probably you will not find a girlfriend. Although you never know. Chile is a country visited by many foreign women tourists, most of them are from Brazil or Argentine.

What about women in Chile?

They have a mixture of genes including indigenous peoples genes, European genes and other genes – this all makes women to have unique appearance looking especially pretty. Chilean women also care much of their appearance. Here you will find many types of women’s styles.

Living in highly developed country with good average income Chileans have visited many places and that influenced their lifestyle, appearance and overlook. The fact that citizens of Chile do not need visa to most of countries in the world also makes travelling more encouraging.

When you are a guy with European appearance you might have more chances to find girlfriend among local Chilean women than local Chilean men and other numerous representatives of Latin countries, who live and work in Chile.