General information

Must know before dating Chilean woman

Dating woman from Chile means dating pretty woman

Dating Chilean woman means additional responsibility, because it is not that easy to hold beauty as you might think at first. Such women love freedom. Many foreign guys who decided to visit Chile in search of possible girlfriend very often have problems with finding girlfriend in their home country. They are not really popular among women at home and for some reason hope to solve the problem in another country. Of course, there are some guys who would like to widen their horizons, but there’s not much of them.

If man doesn’t know how to communicate with woman properly, if he’s not popular among women in his home country why he’d be popular among Chilean women? Some assume because of money. No. Not in Chile. This is not that country. But even if you find women who love your money it does not mean they like you.

Before visiting another country it is worth to work on yourself at first at home. If there some complexes and problems – it is necessary to identify them and work on them. Only in this case there is a chance to get reveal from personal broblems. There’s no need to carry problems to another country. Everything to solve personal problems one usually has near him.

When personal problems and complexes fade away it’s time to improve yourself. Shy with women? Work on it, because a few women could be attracted by this feature – the rest will go further. Already done with shyness? Great. Now practice to increase your will power lever. Ever in everyday small tasks practice how to be sure in what you are doing. Show high level of self-esteem in everything you’re doing. Women instinctively feel confident guys and those guys are successful in relationships. You have to become one of such men.

The possibility to date pretty woman from Chile in terms of man’s approach is almost the same as the possibility to date pretty woman in Canada, Australia or any other country. Man always has to interest a woman somehow at first. It is a knowledge that consists of theory and practice and man is a student in this life university.

What is number one tip to interest Chilean woman?

To be interesting person able to behave in a natural way. To be yourself. Not to act pretending someone else.

But what if…

…Chilean woman does not like you for whom you are?

… she doesn’t like your jokes and does not like you?

Leave her alone and search for another one. You can’t change yourself, you can’t change everything what nature rewarded you with and why you have to change this? Find the one who will like you the way you are. There are thousands of women in Chile and it is normal if some of them don’t like you and if you don’t like some of them.

The best places to find potential Chilean girlfriend

That is very hard question because there is no particular place like that. It depends on you and your lifestyle and it depends on the woman and what she likes to do or not.

You may find a woman you like in the library and you may meet your future girlfriend during morning run in the park. In these cases you have to love reading and do the morning runs. If you don’t do anything of the mentioned things chances to meet appropriate woman would be much lower.

If you choose to go to the club in Santiago you must remember clubs are the same everywhere in the world. The music might be different, there might be some national peculiarities, but the atmosphere, drinks and loud music make acquaintance in Chilean club the same as anywhere else in the world. The chances to find girlfriend here are the same as anywhere. What type of girlfriend she could be also depends on your personal tastes and priorities.

Great chance to find girlfriend in Chile if to stay in the country for some long time period or for permanent living

Option with permanent living we do not take into consideration now, because in that case if you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment but you live in Chile you would find one some day for sure. Even without our advices because you just have plenty of time to learn how to do it yourself.

If you are in hurry you have to learn some tips which might fasten the process. Useful tip is to start hanging out with the company of Chilean friends of yours.

If you are in the company of Chilean guys and there are no women you may learn from these guys how to get attention of local women. It would be great experience from local Chilean who was born there. If you use strategy of local guys along with your charm of foreigner you are doomed for success.

One more option to find possible girlfriend in Chile is to find work. You work in Chilean company, you find colleagues there and there are some pretty women as well. Some of them pay attention to you and some don’t. Don’t hurry up. Observe. Find out who has ring and who does not have.

If you have a local man-friend at work, ask him, but keep in mind he might not tell you the truth. For example, he likes some woman at work himself. Use more humor. If you are in better relations with some woman than with others, ask her to show you the town as you are apparently not from here and she might be local. Go to the cinema together or go for a walk. Finish your walk with the cup of tea or coffee in the cafe somewhere outside with nice view.

If you have colleagues at work they probably go for a coffee on the weekends and there you may find some interesting candidates for your future girlfriend. Those could be common friends.

For example, after work you go to a bar with the work colleague of yours, let’s name him Juan. Juan hangs out with company of 7 people and you hang out with them as well. There is Maria and Consuela who don’t have boyfriends. See the hint?

Some ask, can shared hobbies to help find girlfriend in Chile?

“YES” and “NO”.

NO goes first because common hobby does not mean you will like each other. If you both are strong characters you will fight for leadership trying to demonstrate who is better. You both may be bored doing the same stuff together. Often people choose a hobby, because doing particular hobby they feel in contact with themselves, comfortable, using free space and personal comfort. They want to have specific “rest” even from the closest people. Such people are looking for personal space. So commont hobby in this case would disturb from main aim which was at the very beginning. 

YES for common hobby is also possible in relationship between man and woman. There are many people who like doing different things together. They like to live together, to work together and have a rest together. For example, you both like riding a bicycle. Isn’t it a good idea to spend saturday together making a ride to the forest, river, field? Nice landscapes, pleasant physical fatigue and forest fire after long ride will do wonders and bring you to each other.

If you like hiking why not doing it together? If you like travel different countries the idea to travel together might make travels more interesting and saturated.

Actually, common hobby is good way to start common relationship between man and woman. Common hobby is also great for maintaining long-term relationship. It might bring the stream of fresh air as something new. It is possible for man and woman to divide doing some hobbies together and doing some hobbies on their own. For example, a couple can do morning runs together, but man goes fishing himself and woman practices yoga with her friends.

Or if man likes going to the woods, doing bushcraft, making food on fire or kayaking he can do it alone, but for weekends he can do it together with his girlfriend. As you see, it all depends on your personal priorities.